HDT-Volvo14+ Module
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Plug In Adjustable Power module
2014 - 2018 D13 & D16 Engines with EMS3 ECU

(2013/2014 is a slpit year in ECM models, easiest way to determine if you need the 2008-2013.5 unit is to look at your diagnostic connector under your dash. If it is round then you need the 2008-2013.5 HDT-VolvoPM unit, if it is rectangular you will need the HDT-VolvoPM-14+ unit)

This unit plugs into the engine computer and controls injector timing and injected quantities helping the engine with throttle response and lowering the torque curve by spooling the turbocharger faster.

Increase hill pulling speed and decrease downshifts and start saving money today!

True "plug and play" unit which uses factory ecu connectors and will take less than 30min to install.
4 adjustable power setting

+60HP, +80HP, +100Hp & +120HP!

Increased MPG  / Throttle Response / Horsepower!

  • Item #: HDT-VolvoPM14+

HDT-Volvo14+ Module

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