HDT-JDPG3 Custom Tune Programmer

HDT-JDPG3 Hand Held Flash Tuning Tool

Our revolutionary tuning tool allows the owner/operator to control programming for equipment.
No more costly down time waiting on your engine computer to be re-flashed and returned. This method allows you to return the machine back to stock at any time for service work and does not leave any trace or fingerprint in the computer.

Increase power, gain the ability to up shift gears and pull larger attachments
and start saving  fuel today!

This user friendly touch screen flash tuner allows you to read the information from the engine computer using the diagnostic connector located in the cab and takes only minutes to complete. Once the stock engine tune file has been read you can now unplug the tool and continue operating the machine as normal. We specifically engineer a very easy to use communication program that allows you to connect your programmer to a windows enabled computer and read the stock tune file from the programmer and email to us for upgrades.

Please call or email for details!

423-709-7755  info@heavydieseltuner.com

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HDT-JDPG3 Custom Tune Programmer

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