HDT-JD-QSXt4 Perfromance Module
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9570r & 9620r Teir 4 Emission Equipped QSX powered

HDT-JD-QSXt4 Module

Increase the engines power from 10-35% (80-180 additional HP)
Save fuel, up-shift gears, get out of the field sooner!

Simply connect your unit between the factory injector wiring harness at the cylinder head, connect  a red wire to power and a black to ground and you are ready to go! All factory weather proof connectors are used for a simple plug and play module! The best part is these are not able to be detected by the dealer. Since the computer is sending the stock injector signal to our unit and the fuel quantities and timing values are modified by our stand alone hardware then sent to the injector the factory system doesn't notice the changes!

  • Item #: HDT-JD-QSXt4

HDT-JD-QSXt4 Perfromance Module

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