HDT-DE10 Stanadyne Power Module

Stanadyne DE-10 Injection Pump

Installation is very basic for the HDT-DE10 module. The HDT-DE10 Module was designed to upgrade power on all John Deere Turbo Diesel Engines with the Standyne DE-10 Fuel Injection System. This unit will provide an extra 15-45% gain in usable horsepower and torque output, with improved fuel economy and engine efficiency. This unit is also adjustable.

You must locate the connector at the high-pressure fuel injection pump, on the left side of the engine. At the center of the fuel pump rotor head, locate the connector at the fuel pump actuator, with the corresponding GREEN and YELLOW control wires.

Unplug the fuel pump actuator connector at the Fuel Injection pump, and connect the HDT-DE10 harness connectors to each end and your ready to get back in the field!

  • Item #: HDT-DE10

HDT-DE10 Stanadyne Power Module

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