Increase your fuel economy 1-3mpg!
We offer both a ECM Re-Flash and/or Adjustable Module

Our Plug-in adjustable Module will work with the following engines and provide 10-40% increase in Power and 1-2 mpg increase:

6.4L Engine # OM906LA
7.2L Engine # OM926LA
12.0L Engine # OM501LA
12.8L Engine # OM460LA
16.9L Engine # OM502LA

These units are very easy to install and use all factory connectors to ensure maximum durability and engine life. These units come pre-set at a 30% power increase and are adjustable from 15-45%.
These plug-in style units are very popular due to the ease of installation and the fact that there is no down time!

  • Item #: HDT-BENZ


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